a fish out of water

19 Jun

being tangled into what formerly was, is a consequence of past judgement, of sedimentary views. one must give and also take with it a vast number of incalculable feats. formerly is something a grave man thinks of when he must conduct a willful desired embrace of the presently. desire of consequences must enact a desire of the sedimentary. we enact to seek what was once, and what will begin. The middle path is a distinct connection, it is a space, it is a void, it is an intangible sediment that holds itself empty for the flow of substance, for the currents of that which has already happened. for what is already beginning. it is the universe, the alpha, the omega, the holy trinity, all that it is, and all that has never been. a total fish out of water.



19 Jun

how to dance with the pinnacle of flowers

to embrace delicacies, in their finest touch

to caress and swim in your desires

 how carefree it feels to be loved by one

so fire grows, and you make it show you blow your whole life into one single go
bring a joy you see that no one knows
dine in the senses and indulge into the final culmination

fall back from what was once burn out into what it is.
long yet again for what will be.


19 Jun

passing notes never has it seemed the the freedom of speech can obliterate the very seems of my dream.

to elevate oneself to a whole new plane to castrate my thoughts into a whole new game.

i cant stand the thought of losing myself into an abyss of bliss yet thats what i develop into every state i get into. to get lost in myself.

the desire to be free of thy self. desire wishes blisses. fuck what i think and want. i think i fuck what i want. God bless me.

This aint Livin

15 Feb

I fear death, The Compelling God of the Universe.

Each day I wake up I make it a point to forget death. It’s as easy as taking a cup of water, and sipping it. That’s all it takes.

When I go out to eat that which has once lived, I fork it down my mouth. Taste, chew, and swallow.

When I ejaculate on my girlfriends mouth… Is my cum potential life? To what point did I allow this to let me wallow.

I flirt with death sometimes when I dream. When I wake up, “POOF” relief, it wasn’t what it seemed.

Death elevates, death accentuates, death motivates.

When I am motivated to strive towards ambition, death is perched in my shoulder whispering “Life will remember you for this!!!”.

so we worship death every Sunday for over an hour. In death, we are released into an infinite realm of power.

-Pablo Wallas

Grooving Slowly

11 Sep

He was tired of teaching art, so he decided to make it.

John Butler is one sick cat.

He is half American, half Australian, with a bit of Pluto, and whole lot of mankind. John  decided to stop teaching and start busking, literally. He was convinced that he was innately bound to breach out rhythmically articulated currents into the human systems of sound and movement.

here he interprets the higher powers of his woman, how they groove slowly.

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11 Sep

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