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This aint Livin

15 Feb

I fear death, The Compelling God of the Universe.

Each day I wake up I make it a point to forget death. It’s as easy as taking a cup of water, and sipping it. That’s all it takes.

When I go out to eat that which has once lived, I fork it down my mouth. Taste, chew, and swallow.

When I ejaculate on my girlfriends mouth… Is my cum potential life? To what point did I allow this to let me wallow.

I flirt with death sometimes when I dream. When I wake up, “POOF” relief, it wasn’t what it seemed.

Death elevates, death accentuates, death motivates.

When I am motivated to strive towards ambition, death is perched in my shoulder whispering “Life will remember you for this!!!”.

so we worship death every Sunday for over an hour. In death, we are released into an infinite realm of power.

-Pablo Wallas